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Have you heard about Udemy? It is one of the leading portals where individuals offer video tutorials about their field of experience with others for a small sum of money. This allows others who want to learn about something specific, be it learning about how to use a specific program, learn Vedic mathematics, or even learn a foreign knowledge. The best part about this site... there are several other similar sites that offer the same feature. If you excel in any topic, it can be as diverse as gardening, astronomy, or even microbiology; you can share your knowledge with others and help them excel in it in lieu of a small monetary compensation, when you sell courses online. The fact of the matter is that not everybody, especially those who reside in small towns and villages can spare the time or afford the cost of visiting a training facility in the nearest city to learn a particular topic.

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The advantages of the internet

As most such individuals have access to the internet, they can easily log on to online tutorial sites and learn more about their favourite topic. Since the tutorial videos remain on the server, the student can access them whenever they want. Apart from this, they can also complete each part of the course at their leisure; successfully complete an exam at the end of each section, before moving on to the next part. Most sites that allow experts to sell courses online also offer an option for the student to directly contact their tutor if they are unable to understand any part of the course. The tutor typically logs on to the site for a short duration every day to check if there are any questions and posts answers to them.

How to be successful?

These sites also allow students to grade each course on a five star rating with one being the lowest and five being the highest. If your course consistently receives five star rankings by your students, you can rest assured that they will inform their friends about it on social networks and online blogs and forums. This will increase the number of students who seek your help, and increase your passive income considerably. The best way to attract students during the initial phase is to offer your course(s) free of charge. Once you have gained quite a few students, you can start charging for your courses.