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VIVID TECHNO- An Indian Rural Desk To Improve Rural Life

Started with volunteers to promote basic IT & Educational services in Rural Areas of country.These services like live seminars on "Leadership Skills & Implications" & "Personality Development & Career Enhancement".This will increase confidence of villagers to use latest technology of IT for their own development.
VIVID TECHNO with the help of ICT ensures to fill the gaps lying into urban and rural areas of the country.
VIVID TECHNO understand the core issues or the semi urban & rural areas and try to fix those issues with latest IT solutions. Actually these technologies enhance their skills to scan the current environment and help them out to put efforts positively in existing scenario.
Through video conferencing Vivid Techno try to fill the gap exists between industries and the talent lying in rural & semi urban areas.Its a basically platform for students as well as industries that help them mutually.

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